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How TMX Webstore Helps

Save Time

Save Time

An easy-to-use platform that delivers data you want in the format you choose.

Spark Ideas

Spark Ideas

Discover new trends by exploring a vast collection of data products.

Trusted Source

Trusted Source

The official financial data portal of TMX Group.

Multi-channel, Multi-format

A single data product offers many choices for our users. Available in JSON, XML, CSV, PDF and TXT, files are available for immediate download and ready to be loaded into your systems and sets.

Our subscription options are equally convenient, as daily, weekly, and monthly files are seamlessly delivered to your account.

Our REST API service makes it easy to create your own scripts to access purchased data without signing in each time.


For Buyers

  • Browse a deep catalogue of high quality data
  • Discover new investor apps
  • Categories and filters make searching easy

For Sellers

  • Diverse audience of users seeking all types of data
  • Proven source of Canadian market information
  • Growing network of credible data providers