Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMX Webstore?
TMX Webstore is a platform allowing buying and selling of data and web-based applications brought to you by TMX Group. TMX Group is an integrated, multi-asset class exchange group operating cash and derivative markets for multiple asset classes including equities, fixed income and energy. It also provides clearing facilities, data products and other services to the international financial community.
How do I contact TMX Webstore?

If you have any questions or concerns about any of your purchases, or have any general comments or feedback, please email us at

TMX Webstore is located at the Head Office of TMX Group:
300 – 100 Adelaide St. West
Toronto, ON
M5H 1S3

How do I receive the data I purchase?
The products in TMX Webstore can either be one-time purchases or subscription. For one-time purchases you will have immediate access to the file once your purchase goes through. Access to subscription files will vary depending on the frequency of the subscription you selected and the publication dates of the actual product.
What methods of payment are accepted?
TMX Webstore currently accepts all major credit cards.
What type of account is needed to purchase products?
In order to make purchases on TMX Webstore, you need a TMX Webstore account. This is not the same as a TMX Money account used to access portfolios and alerts. If you do not yet have a TMX Webstore account, it is free and takes just minutes to create.
Can I return a product or cancel a purchase I made?
If you have any problems or questions about one of your purchases, email and we will work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
What currency are the prices listed in?
All currency listed on TMX Webstore is in Canadian dollars.
Can I Pay By Invoice?
If you would like to be setup as a group account, please contact:
Do I have to pay taxes if I am from outside of Canada?

TMX is obliged to charge tax unless you have submitted a tax exemption form declaring your non-resident status. Please take note that exemption is only applicable from the date of signing, any invoices generated prior to signing would be subject to the tax. We'll apply the tax credit going forward but unfortunately, we can't apply them retroactively. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are tax exempt and have paid taxes you can recover the taxes paid directly from Canada Revenue Agency by submitting Form GST189.

What does TMX Webstore sell?
You will find high quality market data and web-based applications from a wide range of vendors including TMX Group. Our high standards ensure that only reliable and accurate data from the marketplace are offered on our platform.
What file formats does the data come in?
TMX Webstore is always looking to provide new types of file formats. Currently products are available in JSON, PDF and CSV.
Do I need any software to download or use the data products?
No. You will be able to use your files as soon as they are purchased and available for download.
Are there any restrictions to how I can use purchased data?
You can use all of our open data without restrictions - analysis, project, articles, applications etc. You can use subscription data as outlined in the signed agreements.
What are the Terms of Use for using TMX Webstore?
Our standard terms of use can be found here:
What is your privacy policy?
TMX Webstore collects some personal information from its users which may be used towards our own analytics and product/website decisions. We will not share your personal information with any third party. We may send you messages regarding your purchases along with other information and announcements, but you may choose to opt-out of these communications.