WSH Buybacks


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The Buybacks file provides information on the announced buyback programs for the 9,300+ traded companies tracked by Wall Street Horizon (WSH). Buyback programs with a specified 'event horizon' are recorded. WSH provides timely, accurate information for a range of upcoming corporate events that will likely create volatility and potential risk/exposure. WSH data helps identify event clusters that magnify the impact of singular events.


Frequency: The file is produced twice daily, at 8:30am ET and at 5:30pm ET.

Format: Data is produced as a text file in XML version 1.0 encoding=ISO-8859-1 format.

Delivery: FTP

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Product Description

The Buybacks file from Wall Street Horizon (WSH), a TMX Group company, provides information on the announced buyback programs for each of the 9,300+ traded companies tracked by WSH. Buyback events are identified through press releases, and company websites. Each record delivers company identifiers, buyback status, buyback method, announce date, end date, size of the buyback, and other key information.

Features and Benefits

  • WSH is the gold standard for accurately tracking, curating, and presenting corporate events so clients do not miss critical, potentially market-moving inflection points.
  • Data is sourced from - and linked back to - publicly available sources that avoid any compliance issues.
  • History is available back to 2012 for quantitative modelling.


WSH collects information on over 30 corporate event classes for over 9,300 of largest market capitalization and most heavily traded stocks worldwide, of which 4,300 are in US, 700 are in Canada, and 4,300 are from across EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America regions.